Chemical Industry
* Hindustan Gum and Chemical Ltd. Viramgam
* Indo Colchem Ltd.,Ahmedabad.
* Spectrum Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Surat

Petrochemical Industry
* ESSAR Oil Limited, Jamnagar
Pulp & Paper Industry
* Kalptaru Papers Limited, Ahmedabad.

Pharma Industry
* Famy Care Ltd., Vapi
* Unimark Remedies Ltd., Bavala.

Plastic Industry
* J. B. Extrusion & Plastic (P) Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Jyoti plastic Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.

Steel Industry
* Neesa Infrastructure (India) Pvt. Ltd. Changoder, Ahmedabad..
* Aden Steel Co. Aden, Yemen (On the behalf of Caterpillar Power Generation System).
* Jindal Saw Ltd. (14 MVA)- IPU Plant, Shamaghogha. Mundra

Sugar Industry
* Shree Chalthan Vibhag Khand Udhyog Sahakari Mandali Ltd., Chalthan.
* Shree Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd, Bardoli
* Shree Madhi Vibhag Khand Udhyog Sahakari Mandli Ltd, Madhi.

Textile Industry
* Aaiswarya Prints D & P Mills, Surat
* Akash fashion Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Anjani Synthetics Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Arrow Clothing P Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Balkrishna Textile Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Begani D & P Pvt. Ltd.(Begani Group) Surat
* Bindal Silk Mills Pvt. Ltd.(Jay bharat Group) Surat
* Diamond Textiles Mills(P) Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Gogad Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. ( Gogad Group ), Pali, Rajsthan
* Jaybharat D & P Mills(Jay bharat Group) , Surat
* Kashiram Textiles Mills Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Kumar Cotton Mill Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* Mahavir D & P Pvt. Ltd. .(Begani Group), Surat
* Maruti Textile Pvt. Ltd. Surat
* Omkar Textile Mill( Omkar Group), Ahmedabad.
* Pradip overseas ltd, Ahmedabad.
* Pratibha Fabrics Ltd., Surat
* Pioneer Syntax Pvt. Ltd., Surat
* Prekhsa Cotton mills , Balotara, Rajsthan
* Rachna Art Prints Pvt. Ltd. Surat
* Samir Synthetic Mill, Ahmedabad.
* Shree Jagdamba Tex. (P) Ltd., Ahmedabad.
* T. M. Patel Processing Pvt. Ltd., Surat
* Valiant Glass Works (p) Ltd, Tarapur, Maharastra
* Venus Mills Pvt. Ltd., Surat

Other Industry
* Ami polymers (Teflon Coating unit) Ankleshwar
* Sagar Rubber Products. (Rubber Stopper Mfg.), Mehsana.
* Anil Products Ltd. (Lalbhai Group)(Meiz Products),Ahmedabad.
* Kemrock Industries & Exports Limited Vadodara

Residential Complex
* Sachin tower, Ahmedabad.
* Shyamrath tower, Ahmedabad
* Ravichaya Appartment, Surat.

# Sapphire Food ( Franchis

» Gujarat Energy Development Agency(GEDA)
» Petroleum Conservation Research Association(PCRA)
» Bureau Of Energy Efficiency
» Rural Energy
» Department of Renewable Energy
Be Energy Conscious
Indian industry is under a tremendous pressure from global competition. Profit margins have vanished in thin air as market forces decide selling prices, whereas input prices are exponentially increasing. Cost cutting is the key to survival.

In today’s world the simplest way of cost cutting is to introduce new technology, increase the production within time with minimum manpower requirement. But this is not always possible with small or medium type of industries. Even not for the bigger size due to cut-throat competition. Hence we suggest to go with the taking an advantage of law of conservation. Our ancients were rightly said that use as much as you require but do not waste.

We are concentrating on the essential part of any industry for conservation and that is energy. That might be in the form of electricity or thermal energy. No such industry can develop its base without any one of this energy and hence there is always possibility of wastage and conservation opportunity in the energy.  
What is Energy Audit?

Energy is often the single largest controllable cost in manufacturing. Proper management of energy has a direct positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Energy audit is the first step in knowing the potential energy savings. It identifies area where the energy is being wasted by taking measurements at the key energy consumption points and the systematic study. It determines existing level of energy usage and recommends possible measures that would result in energy savings.

Moreover the fact that the Energy Audit can identify the wastage and save a 15% of the energy bill.

The Energy audit involves:
Consolidation of energy and production related data.
Examination of energy conservation opportunities.
Comparison with the best industrial practices.
Recommendations and action plan for energy savings.

“Such details brought out in energy audit reports help management arrive at investment decision for corrective measure and exercise necessary controls on energy wastage.”

Have you ever thought about following things?
  »  Can I improve performance of my utility equipment?
  »  How much my steam consumption?
  »  How much my water consumption?
  »  How much my air consumption?
  »  Is it the best technology?
  »  Can we improve our performance without big capital investment?
  »  Can I save money without effect on production?
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